WarPartyX 8/13/17 Application

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WarPartyX 8/13/17 Application Empty WarPartyX 8/13/17 Application

Post by WarPartyX on Sun Aug 13, 2017 11:17 pm

1. How much experience do you have playing Travian? How many servers, or years? I have played off and on for about 10 years on many many servers.

2. What tribe are you playing? Gaul

3. Are you Anvil or Hammer? Anvil

4. What are your spawns coordinates? You must be in the NW quadrant or right on a border, or willing to relocate. Some villages around 22, -55 and some around -78, -84. Willing to settle others wherever needed.

5. Are you a gold user? (This does not determine whether or not you get into the alliance. We are just curious.) I use some gold. Not a lot, but some.

6.Do you have any problems taking orders from Leaders, or advice from other members? No problems taking orders. I prefer someone to tell me where to send my defense and I send it.

7.We want to keep the communication between alliance members at the highest level attainable. It is highly recommended you use Skype. By using Skype, reaching a member can be faster and real time. It can also bring the team closer as we learn with one another in general conversation. Do you have a Skype account? I have a skype account that I have not used in a while. I Can re-download it if needed.

8. We play as a team, with honesty and integrity. We will not break the Travian rules. Are you a team player? Yes.

9. Your application will be reviewed by all players in the alliance. Do you have any goals for this round, or anything you would like us to know about you? I would like to participate in WW in some way.

10. What is your answer to #3 in the First Read Me Section? My old, obese black lab pup.


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